Animated Spokesperson Information

Process and Timeframe:

Getting your Animated Spokesperson on your website is simple.

Once you place your order, we’ll have a brief conversation regarding what you’d like your Animated Spokesperson to say.

We find that making some kind of special offer produces the best results.

Once we have your information, we’ll write the script and configure your spokesperson.

Next, we send your website support team instructions on how to install it (or we can do it for you) and that’s it.

Typically we can have your Animated Spokesperson on your site within four business days.



Pricing is simple too!

There is a one time charge of $495 to setup and configure your Animated Spokesperson.

In addition, there is a $197 per month hosting fee which is paid three months at a time ($591 every three months).

If you would like us to install your Animated Spokesperson on your website, there will be an addition one-time charge of $97


Get Started:

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